The clerk’s office has original records dating back to 1770 when Ascension Parish was known as the "Second Acadian Coast" and there were only 267 settlers. The first original acts on file are the notarial acts of Louis Judice, entitled "Judice-1", which include records from 1770 – 1787.Ascension At Home has locations across the country including Texas, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Indiana, Alabama, and Kansas. We noticed you are using an out of date version of Internet Explorer. This website may not appear as it was designed unless you use an updated browser.The Ascension House in Austin, TX is a true 30/60 day extended care environment, offering structure, programming, and support. We offer 24/7 staff, peer support specialists, life skills and 12 step groups, all meals included, weekend outings, transport, gym membership, and more.Ascension’s doki doki, a Japanese iced drip coffee. smooth flavor. mixed with in-house creamer – whole milk, heavy.OMG And JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THE HOUSE COULDN’T GET BETTER!! I received an ARC of this FANG-TASTIC book from the author Nicholas Bella. In exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of his book ASCENSION (HOUSE OF THEODEN #2) .Ascension House is a part of Tao Fong Shan Corporation, originally a centre for dialogue between Christians and Buddhists. Built in the 1930s in the style of a Chinese Buddhist monastery tao fong shan offers a tranquil space virtually unmatched in Hong Kong. Tao Fong Shan (including Ascension House) is a non-profit organization.Ascension house provides high structure and accountability to clients suffering from recent relapses or with under 30 days of sobriety. We transport clients, provide medication management and have leveling accountability system in place, teach big book, provide H&I, establish personal relationships with each client and provide. gym membership.Ascension House is a place where travelers from different countries, and with different beliefs and philosophies, gather for rest, renewal and friendship. tao fong Shan (including Ascension House) is a non-profit organization.The managers of Ascension House are volunteers from Scandinavia.Ascension and its subsidiaries offer rewarding career paths for professionals across all disciplines. Search Careers. News Ascension announces several key leadership updates June 11, 2019. Ascension announces several key leadership updates effective July 1, 2019.